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This is my third year going to IBS New York, and like every other year it was very educational, entertaining, packed and amazing! When I first started attending with my mom I spent way more money than I did this weekend. It is very easy to swipe your credit card when everything (Including classes) are half the retail price. In fact, one of the most popular Hair stylist in the industry, Ted Gibson, gave out a promotion inviting  everyone to try out his new online classes for free for the rest of the month of March. This promotion is open for anyone to enjoy at his website in the academy section.

In order to control my spending, I brought with me a $50 gift card that I received as a gift last Christmas and allowed myself to spend an extra $45. A lot of hair stylist fly to this event from all over the country for the wholesale offers on hair products, brushes, nail polish, salon merchandise, classes and so much more. The perks of buying a general admission ticket is that you also get a free pass to go to the spa fashion show right next door. A lot of dermatologist and specialist give free facial treatments, samples and tanning to everyone that comes by.

This year I purchased some products from the Agadir line, during the first show I attended, I purchased the Curl Cream and the Argan Oil but I never purchased the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is sulfate free, I ran out of my last bottle of shampoo last month so I waited for this event to buy a new one. I already used the shampoo and  fell completely in love with it. It made my hair very soft and easy to detangle. The conditioner made it even softer and since I am already familiar with the Curl cream, it was a no brainer that I would buy it again.

After my first use of the product, my hair is still soft and does not need any misting of water or reapplication of leave in. I reused the Argan oil to add more shine.

In the other hand, since I don’t wear makeup, I didn’t really bother purchasing makeup brushes or any products from the makeup lines that attended. Instead, I purchased two different sets of face masks specifically meant to target acne scars. I couldn’t decide  between the two options so the dermatologist offered to sell me five of each masks for $45. The Charcoal Gel Masks were originally 10 for $50 and the Tea tree 10 for $40, so it seemed like a pretty decent deal to me. I will talk more about my skin care routine in a later posts and why I no longer wear make up. I have never used the Martinni Beauty line but one use has me looking forward to the next.


I purchased these two masks because although I don’t break out as often as I use to, the times that I do some scars stay behind. The dermatologist gave some suggestions on how to get three uses out of the charcoal mask since I will only be using it for me.


I tried to purchase some products from Farmhouse Fresh; they had a lot of sample in the women’s bathroom that drove more and more people to their station. Unfortunately, it seemed like my mother and I were going to spend all day waiting to be able to buy the Whoopie! Shea Butter cream so we decided to buy it full price ($30 for 8 oz). Next time, I’ll make sure to go to them first before the line gets too long.

IBS doesn’t only take place at the Jacob Javits Center in New York; the next show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention from June 24-26, 2017. During this event, a lot of well known Vendors, Hair Salons and hair stylists come for three days to showcase their products, talents and opportunities for people that are new in the beauty industry or have already been in the field for years. Although I don’t fall into any of these categories, I usually attend to support my mother, learn new techniques for the days I do work with her at the hair salon and buy some products for myself that may or may not be beneficial to my hair.

The beauty show is probably the main place where I realized the advantage of using product samples before going full on with using a whole product line. When I first started attending, I wasn’t avoiding the heat product sections, in fact, I bough a really good curling wand that I no longer use (Hysterical). There were a lot of new educators at the event last Sunday, sadly, I never go for the three days, and from the experiences of others the classes do get better. Since the event is already over, you won’t have the opportunity to get information on what happened this year. Here are some pictures of some my favorite moments from the show this year:

Since I was more focused on the learning experience this time around I didn’t take as many pictures as I had in previous years. I did notice that presentations rotated this year and there were not that many people as usual on the first day. This could be because there were more barber shows than usual and many of the venues moved around. These next few pictures are from the first time I attended.

What events do you attend to learn about the new products on the market?

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