Hair Growth, Minimalism and Veganism: My Thoughts

I first cut my hair collarbone length on February 17, 2017. One year later, I have come to the realization that many of the gimmicks in the market have absolutely no effect on the rate of hair growth. At this point, my hair is bra strap length, and while I didn’t do much to boost my hair growth, focusing on its health has helped me keep the growth consistent.

My hair straightened after I cut it

The only thing I took during the year was hair growth gummies, which I still have not finished because I often forget to take them. I have a couple of servings left, but I have also been trying out liquid biotin and wild growth hair oil. However, once I am done with these things I don’t plan to keep investing any more money trying these kinds of products.

My conclusion now is that social media has very good marketing tactics, which keeps driving us to buy many things we see. One of the main ways is making “suggestions” of videos or posts for you to look into based on your search history. I have made many changes in my life because of this.

I went natural when I started college after a few bad experiences at the hands of stylists who did what they wanted with my hair and not what I asked for. I embarked on a journey to become vegan a month after my uncle passed away after I randomly attended a seminar during a lunch hour in college. And after moving out my parent’s house over a year ago I have converted to a minimalist lifestyle that has been very helpful in terms of budgeting and saving.

These changes are things that I continue to work on progressively. One of the biggest changes is making decisions that will positively influence my future goals instead of what everyone else thinks I should be doing. It is important for all of us to realize that ultimately we are living a life that is suitable for our needs and mental health.

Although there is a fight for women empowerment in today’s world, there also needs to be a fight against women’s constant judgement against one another. There is a rise in plastic surgeries, there is criticism against millennials from baby boomers, and there is a constant release of worrisome information that we often feed into without knowing.

We live in a society that has become media centered and It is important to learn to disconnect from these distractions so that we can once again learn to be human. We spend less time under the sun, less time with face to face contact and ultimately we are forgetting that the time we spend sitting down with our devices is time we could be investing working towards the things we want in life.

Having said all this, I wish to gear my conversations here into a different direction. If you are interested in the previous topic I just mentioned, here’s a good video from CBC News on Why you’re addicted to your smartphone.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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