Why I won’t ever get a Deva cut

After so many months of thinking and watching Deva cut videos on youtube, I finally decided not to get one. Deva cuts are subjective to the individual.

My goal in the past year was to grow my hair back and follow it up with a Deva cut and to get a “perfect shape”.

But then I realized how simple it is to just do a wash and go and part my hair whichever way I please.

When I was growing and measuring my hair in the beginning of the year, I realized that the hair on the right side of my head grows longer than the left.

As pictured above, my shrinkage on the shorter side is much tighter due to the different lengths. There are some pieces that do not shrink the same as the ones next to it, which is due to my curl pattern being different throughout my head.

The main issue is my hair being wavy on the back of my neck it is the sole reason for my tangles.

As my hair continues to grow, my curls are getting more lose, which is a result of the length weighting it down.

I had the most volume when my hair was shorter and at this point my hair dries to its shape. For example, my most recent hair cut was a semi V shape. And when my hair is dry, it remains in that shape but with volume.

Before I got my haircut back in August of this year, I spent a couple of months doing the curl by curl trimming method and dusting. This was very inneffficient because the shorter I cut each individual curl the more it shrunk.

Of course, if someone else was cutting my hair, they would know how to fix it. But then comes the issue of my hair curling different depending on the weather, why get a haircut according to all these changes?

For me, haircuts are either meant to change your look or cut away damage.

At the time of my haircut, my hair was falling a lot and it wasn’t curling.  I went to my mother’s salon, got a wash and set and then had a visual of all the damage. After a couple of days I did a wash and go and my hair went back to normal.

My number one rule for the past 7 years is and will always be to never ever use a flat iron.

From the many Deva cut videos I have seen, the way they cut the hair compliments the way they style it in the Devachan salon.

This would not work for me; I only use two products to style my hair and then air dry.

Prices range from a free cut (Only in the Upper West side), if you pick a new stylist, to around $100. I have met people that go to other curly hair salons and pay as low as $40-60 but these prices are inflated due to the type of hair that you are going with.

This becomes more expensive  since you are encouraged to come back on a 6-month schedule to cut it again. If you proceed to styling your hair with their products, the service can be as high as $300. 

These are currently the prices of Devacuts for women in the Soho Salon. Prices vary by stylist.

Overall, the curly hair propaganda has skyrocketed the past couple of years. Until a new trend comes along, prices will be this high due to demand.

If you like to switch between curly and straight, then this cut is not for you. Your hair will be very choppy and uneven.

What do you think about the DevaCut? Have you ever gotten one? Share your experience below.

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  • Paula

    I’m glad you wrote about this because I felt like I was missing out on something for not getting a Deva Cut. Plus, I wear my hair straight at least 3 times a year, so I was concerned that a Deva Cut would make my hair look weird when straight.

    • anapokora

      It absolutely will but also there are different cutting methods that I haven’t looked into. Ouidad has their own salons but they are not as popular as deva curl. But like I mentioned it is all too pricey

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