Summer Curly Hair Routine

Summer has very unpredictable weather, which is why often being natural is beneficial. However, we have be a little more careful with the way we do our hair because of one little monster, the rain. Doing a wash and go in a rainy days is both pointless and annoying, unless you’re planning to stay home and it won’t be raining for the rest of the week. If you wash your hair before going out on a rainy day, it will take forever to dry. You can dry it with a hair dryer but then you run the risk of the rain wetting your hair again.

My wash and go routine is the same in the summer but this year I decided to try styling my hair in the shower while its soaking wet. Instead of squeezing all the excess water out of my hair when I am done conditioning, I prop my head upside down and begin to apply my styling cream from mid hair shaft to the tips of my hair. As I add more of my other styling creams, I begin to scrunch the rest of the product into my hair taking out the excess water. I typically use only two products because I go to the gym five days a week, therefore when I am refreshing after the shower I either add mists of rose water or regular water and apply more product in the areas needed.


The reason why I have opted to doing my hair this way is to let my hair sit in its natural state. I learned this trick from watching many of the deva cut experience videos on YouTube. Your hair absorbs more product when is wet but when it’s partially dry the product tends to sit on top of the dry strands and penetrate inside the moist ones. This is especially true for hair with high porosity because this hair type does not retain any moisture.

Typically your hair routine should always be consistent, it is the forces of nature that will determine what you opt from doing. I hope you found this information helpful, leave a comment below to share your  own methods.

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