Sugarbear Hair Vitamins Review

Sugarbear gummies have taken Instagram like a storm since the beginning of 2016, but investing in these gummies is really not worth it.  Before I get into why I bought it,
let me give you my overall view of the product.

The Pros

  • The gummies are small,
    chewable, delicious and it is easy to remember to take them.
  • You do not have to go through the hassle of gulping down a large pill.
  • They are vegetarian; Gluten and soy free.

The Cons

  • While they are delicious, they do contain a high amount of sugar. The
    first two ingredients listed are “Glucose Syrup and Sugar”.
  • Although they are sweet, the after taste is not so great unless you are
    eating them with a meal.
  • Other than having “organic” ingredients, it doesn’t seem to have any
    ingredients that aid in hair growth like MSM.

imageSo, why did I buy it?

           It wasn’t so much that the product was labeled as being Vegetarian (Since I follow a vegan/vegetarian diet) it was the fact that I experienced a lot of hair loss since having dyed my hair blonde last winter. I was not looking to grow my hair but to stop the continuous hair fall and since I do hate taking large pills I though taking the gummies was a quick fix.

Did it work?

 It certainly did work, as far as my hair growing? It probably did grow a few centimeters but I never bothered measuring because it was not my reason for taking it.

Should you buy it?

image           Instagram has become a go to for companies to market their product and most of the time, these products have not been tested to promise results. This is like the miracle pill that makes you lose weight; it is just a temporary fix. Just like Matefit tea was once popular now everyone is drinking Fittea and Flattummytea with celebrities that receive some sort of proceeds from these companies by holding a picture of the product and saying they take it. Let’s also not forget the waist training obsession that was once popular in the early 1900′s being revived again. Don’t buy into it, I bought a 3-month supply of this product and after finishing the first month I continued to my second bottle and gave the third one to my mother. I will most likely go back to gulping down those large pills I hate taking because they do give me noticeable results.

Suggestions from me:

           I have noticed that a lot of people that have focused on working on their fitness often times have longer and stronger hair in their transformation pictures. Working out one single part of your body (abs) won’t give you results as good as working out your whole body. You will be better off focusing on fixing your food choices and taking multivitamins than taking a pill to solve your problems.

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