Sephora Haul: Birthday Splurge!

I am not a big spender and I am very selective of what I spend my money on. I have been putting things in and out of my cart in my Sephora account and finally found an excuse to spend a lot in one sitting, My birthday !

On this trip I spent most of my money on things that I’ve been wanting to try and some I needed to re-stock. Since it’s been a few weeks, I’ve gotten the chance to try a few products.

Re-Stock: Deva Curl Super Pumped Curly and B’Leave in


As you saw in one of my previous post, I have completely gone back to using DevaCurl products. I decided to buy the Super Curly Line because I don’t feel like the decadence line has any effect on my hair. I am hoping that these bottles last me until next year, which was usually the case with my original purchases back in 2012. I was very pleased with this line because I missed the effects of the original formula. My hair loves it and my curls turn out very vibrant. On the plus side, it brings a bonus bottle of the Devacurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler.

I completely fell in love with the Devacurl B’leave in Miracle Plumper that I purchased last year and needed to re-stock since I am running low. I wanted to order the larger bottle but Sephora doesn’t carry it, and doing a single purchase from the DevaCurl website would be too pricey. I recently started using this as a cocktail with the Devacurl Light Defining Gel and find that my hair holds much better and is less dry.

I have seen so many people complain that the DevaCurl products are very expensive; but my theory is, this is only expensive if you are using different lines of products. As I previously mentioned, hair products have an expiration date and if you are constantly buying products you don’t regularly use, of course, it is very expensive.

Now for the products that I am trying for the first time.

Briogeo Hair Mask


Every month, I use two deep conditioning treatments that are for damaged hair. I wanted to purchase something different that will help moisturize my hair. I have seen several reviews of the Briogeo, Don’t despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask and I love how thick and dense it is. Because my hair is not so thick, I feel that it will last me a tad longer; after a single use this month, my hair was super moisturized for three or four days, which is longer than usual. I still have a lot of product left, in fact, the container looks like it hasn’t been touched. Therefore, for the price I paid, I will definitely get good use of it. For my hair, less is more.

PMD Makeup Essentials


While I have abstained from wearing makeup the past couple of years, I am still annoyed by the visibility of my pores. I purchased the Perricone MD No Makeup Essentials out of curiosity. This three step kit seems to be ideal for me because I use very minimal to no makeup. I am also hoping it helps even out my skin tone but my fear is that my skin will be too oily, which is why I stopped wearing makeup to begin with (Among other reasons).

And Last but not least, my freebies. I didn’t use a lot of my points but I was able to get a decent amount of products to try.

The Freebies


I have never been big in shopping for full size fragrance bottles. In recent months, I’ve been trying sample sizes from Juicy Couture, until I finally find the one that I want. But I think it’s a good strategy to buy sample sizes so that you can have a variety of choices. Sephora actually sells sample size collections; you end up getting a variety of perfume samples for the price of a single bottle.. I chose the WildFox Eau de Parfum and the Yves Saint Laurent: Mon Paris Eau de Parfum and so far really love the scent of both perfumes.

For the rest I picked the Bare Minerals Veil Setting Powder which I have heard of many times before but have never used. The Birthday Gift Glamglow clearing treatment, in case wearing makeup again causes me to break out. And lastly, the Kate Sommerville Daily Cleanser Acne treatment; I am hoping it truly does what its name says. I still have not had the chance of using the my samples since I am saving them for my birthday.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any product suggestions? Share in the comments below.

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