Q-Redew Vs. 2 in 1 Hair Steamer: Which One Is The Best?

It has taken me a long time to finally dive into this review, but I finally feel like I have an understanding on these two great devices that are highly recommended to low porosity curly girls. 

On September of 2018, I finally caved in and purchased the Q-Redew hand held steamer. For years I’ve own a standard steamer that you can put together and sit under. However, within the last couple of years, my use of it have been slim to none. 

After a few months of using the Q-redew, I stopped steaming my hair altogether because I felt like both products were a waste of money. But I soon realized I was making a mistake causing each device not to function property.

The Issue

As I was steaming my hair, the hot water leaking through each machine kept burning me. 

The Q-redew says to specifically use distilled water and I had no idea what this meant. I saw many people online using bottled water and thought this was it. 

But after a few burning sessions I decided to search for distilled water. 

One day while I was waiting for my acne prescription at rite aid, I took a walk around the isles and finally found gallons of distilled water for only $2. After using this water on both machines the leakage finally stopped. 

The Solution

My first recommendation if you are planning to buy either of these devices is to make sure you find distilled water, it will make all the difference and the steamer will function as it is intended to.

One more thing before my review. At first, I purchased the Q-redew with the intention of replacing my 2 in 1 hair steamer, but after using distilled water and learning more about low porosity hair, I have decided to use both interchangeably.

I am using the Q-redew for my pre-poo treatments and the 2 in 1 steamer for my deep conditioner. Low porosity hair needs the heat from the steamer to open up the cuticles and allow the product to penetrate into the hair; which I was completely disregarding while doing my pre-poo treatments. 

The same goes for deep conditioning, an alternative option is also to heat up your deep conditioner which works just as well.

Now to my review:

2 in 1 hair steamer

The 2 in 1 steamer can be purchased from several resellers but the one I bought five years ago was through Amazon. 

The model I own now is a replacement, because the one I originally purchased stopped heating up (possibly due to not using distilled water). The cup warmer burned and the machine stopped working completely. Thankfully it was within the one year warranty and the seller sent me a replacement within a week.


  1. You can sit under it like a regular hair dryer
  2. The steam covers all areas of your scalp simultaneously
  3. The steamer can also be used for a facial with it’s extra piece.
  4. It has a pre-programmed timer.


  1. The steamer has a button at the bottom which makes the machine turn off completely if you move it.
  2. It takes a while to heat up and although its suppose to steam for 15-minutes it steams for a shorter period.
  3. It can be very time consuming to assemble and unassembled the machine unless you leave it already set up.
  4. You are limited to 1 steaming session due to the machine being programmed to avoid overheating.

The steamer is great but it is a drag to put together. I was going to give it away at one point but after changing the type of water I have now been reaping the benefits of this machine. This is a very good way to seal a deep conditioning treatment and help your hair soak up all its benefits.

Now onto the Q-Redew.


  1. Since it is a hand held device, you can directly apply it to separate sections of your hair.
  2. It heats up very quickly.
  3. It continues to heat even when you pause to switch to other sections of your head (you do not have to wait for it to heat back up).
  4. It has combs which make it perfect for detangling.


  1. It is a little on the heavy and bulky side.
  2. If you have long hair you may find that you will need to refill the reservoir.
  3. It accumulates lint in the combs while running through hair.
  4. It can get coated with products while applying through sections.

I’ve grown to love the Q-redew even though I wanted to return it as well. My main issue, as the 2 in 1 steamer, is the cleaning process. I think it is the absolute best for pre-pooing because now my products are getting deep into my strands the way I need them to.

I have seen people use the Q-redew as a facial steamer which I do not recommend, this is not it’s purpose. If your hair gets very tangly, I recommend combing from tips to roots, the steam is a wonderful aid at separating the hair without breaking your strands. 

The 2 in 1 steamer works great if you just like to sit under a drier and do minimal work. The only difference is you do not have much control as it only hits the crown of your head. It may be a downfall if you have longer hair.

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