Hair Growth VS. Hair health

Once Upon a time, I started a journey for healthier hair. I learned about the Curly Girl Method after purchasing the Curly Girl Handbook. I was so excited about the content of the book that I made a presentation about it for my public speaking class in college. Although I understood the importance of the things I learned, I became more and more concerned with my hair’s lack of growth. Instead of taking the lessons in this book a little more serious, I became impatient and turned to trying different hair growth methods to regain the long hair I had in my teenage years. Although it’s been six years since I went natural, it wasn’t until this past year that I realized how damaged my hair was.

Since my mother is a hair stylist, she has been solely responsible for taking care of my hair. She always straightened my hair growing up so I never had any problems with heat damage or breakage. When I started High school, I began to feel that my hair was not very thick and soon I began to detest the way it looked straight; I wanted more volume. Despite going natural in college, I was still straightening my hair and using hair extension to achieve the thickness I wanted. There were periods in which my hair was healing but once I was curious about trying other things, the damage came back.

This past year, since my semi big chop in February, I have been focusing on just the health of my hair. If my ends were messy I’d cut them; my mind was set on eliminating anything that may lead to more damage and getting rid of the color treated hair. I also focused on setting a regimen to avoid the constant relapse I’ve had through the years. Deep conditioning every week, Protein treatment once a month, shampooing every one to two weeks, co-washing every three days if needed, hot oil treatments and pre-pooing. These are all things that I learned to do in the past but was never consistent. Now, one year later, my hair has gotten much more thicker and grows in areas that it previously didn’t. And I have seen the most recovery recently after doing Henna treatments.

My Hair right after my first henna treatment

In this new year, I have realized that the health of my hair is much more important than the length of it. There is no use in having long hair that constantly breaks, sheds and accumulate split ends. It is much more expensive, time consuming and worrisome. I noticed now that my hair is so healthy that it grows much quicker. Within the past few months I have cut it about three or four times and regained the length immediately. I’ve also implemented a heating cap into my deep conditioning days since I often fine that I am too lazy to assemble my steamer to sit under it for 15 minutes. I still do it occasionally but after I purchased my Hot Head heating cap it has been super convenient because all I have to do is put it in the microwave.

The Focus This Year

For the new year, I plan to focus on growing my hair while maintaining its health. Although I have not been measuring my hair since the very beginning, I can visibly notice that it has the same length as when I originally cut it last February. I cut about an inch and half the last week of December and it has grown back since. My last Henna treatment was also in December and this month I have started to use Wild Growth Hair Oil. I will be very consistent in documenting the progress of both treatments but also do much fewer trims.

I have been using two different apps to document what I have been doing to my hair: Appfrolution and Hair Journal. I have been using Hair Journal longer than appfrolution, but both apps have the same function. The immediate difference is that Hair Journal is not only for people with curly hair, it can be used by people with other textures too. Whether or not your hair is curly, straight or wavy, we all struggle with different needs. It is very easy to only want long hair in a world where social media only advertises hair growth pills, weaves and products with empty promises. But before you purchase anything always ask yourself if your hair needs it or if you are just tempted to buy it.

I hope you found this informative. What is your take on this topic? Leave a comment down below.


AppFrolution: Android, IOS


Hair Journal: Android, IOS


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