Curly Hair Journey

I can truly say that I didn’t begin to take my curly hair serious until I started college. I remember as far back as the 6th grade when I washed my hair on

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Wand Curls after Straightening hair

my own for the first time and just put it up into a ponytail. One of my friends fell in love with my curls and told me I should wear it curly more often. As much as I tried though, my mother was completely against me looking like a troll doll on my way to school.

My mother has always styled my hair,  wash and set every other week in her salon back home and the same when we moved to New York.

I didn’t decide to go natural until I started college five years ago, however. At this point I knew I couldn’t rely on her to do my hair since I moved three hours away and I had never had my hair done with anyone else. After paying for two different hair stylist to do my hair when I was living in the dorms and having disastrous split ends and thinning hair, I decided to just take matters into my own hands.

The first thing I did was purchase the The Curly Girl Hand Book to learn more about my hair texture and curly hair itself. I found out about the book from Sunkissedalba, a youtube Guru that had just begun her natural hair journey.

At this point, I already had about a year using sulfate free shampoo, and I was doing a lot of natural hair masks. My hair was reviving and my curls were taking back their natural shape.

* My hair damage was not only from using the curling iron but also the frequent change in hair color.

Although I surpassed the dreaded damage, it wasn’t long until I made the same mistakes again. The problem is that since the curly hair market has grown so tremendously, I’ve become more and more tempted to try out new products. Youtube is not the same as it was when I was in High School.

At this point my hair was recovering from a lot of dryness due to lack of moisturizing daily

Most of the gurus now advertise products for a profit. In reality, I have abandoned everything I learned from the handbook to try everything that’s in the market.

However, I did find myself using many helpful tricks and products that ultimately revived my hair and restored its growth. At this point, I feel very weird having my hair straight and rarely wear protective hair styles.

Length retention was one of my biggest obsessions too. But now I realize that there is no point in having long hair when it is badly damaged. I enjoy trimming my hair once in a while when I style it; ultimately I want to get rid of all the dyed hair and just grow my natural hair out. I have been wanting to do a big chop but my mother would not stand for it.

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At IBS New York 2015

Lastly, it is important to remember that hair grows back and at
the end of the day we have to make sure we enjoy the look we give it, not other people. If you are transitioning for the first time, welcome to the team, if you have been struggling like me, don’t worry it gets better. Follow my hair restoration journey through here and share some of your own tips and tricks that have made managing your hair much easier.

Hopefully my pictures and experiences will serve you as motivation.

See you on the next post!

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