CurlMix Hair Gels: Is One Product Enough For Your Hair?

Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money, they were not sent to me for review and I am not being compensated for this post. This review is based on my experience with these products. 

Ever tried using flaxseed gel on your hair ?

I came across the Curlmix hair care line last summer while watching a few influencers of YouTube review the product. At glance, the curlmix brand seems to be offering an alternative option to using harsh gels with bad chemicals on your hair. The company originally used to sell kits with the ingredients required to make the gel. Customers would then purchase these kits and prepare the gels at home with the instructions.

After popular demand, the company then created individual gels that are meant to target different hair concerns. It also claims that the gel can be used on its own as a one product styler.

Since I had been struggling to find a gel that’s much stronger and cheaper than the Deva curl gel (which I ran out off), I went ahead and purchased a sample kit to give it a try.

I purchased this box in August, so I’ve had time to try each gel long enough to determine how long my hair would last through a wash and go. 

Before I dive into my experience with the products, I have to clear up the reason for which I had a bad experience using the first gel. When I first used the Soften Hair Pure Flaxseed Gel, the summer weather had made my hair extremely dry. I needed a trim very badly, therefore, using these products with damaged ends did not give me good results.

I went to my mother’s salon to straightened my hair and got two inches cut off. After straightening my hair , I realized how damaging it is to go so long without a trim. My hair has since become much more stronger and manageable.

The summer weather had also caused my curl to loosen up quickly. After my hair cut, I used the denman brush for a whole week to help fix my curl pattern and then went back to my old styling method.

I proceeded to try each of these gels and had a different experience with every formula. I originally wanted to review each gel separately, but found that my experience was about the same. In terms of effectiveness, I found that despite its smell, the Repair Hair Gel, was the most effective for single product styling and reapplication. The following were the two that I used the most.

Hair Growth Pure Flaxseed Gel

I used this gel for a whole week without any other product and my hair loved it. I separated my hair into small sections and applied a dime size amount of the gel and scrunched. The gel held my hair for about two days before I had to restyle it again. I only restyled the sections that were puffy and my problem areas (frontal lobe). At the end of the week, I restyled my hair completely because it was very dry. All I used was the Hair Growth Gel and a spray bottle with water.

Soften Hair Pure Flaxseed Gel

I started with this gel because at the time, the summer weather had made my hair extremely dry. Upon the first use, I had to keep reapplying the product and wetting the sections to make the frizz go down. I didn’t blame the product but much more the fact that I needed a hair cut. I had not cut my hair for a whole year. Therefore, this first time trial did not work for me. I did however, try using the product again after my haircut and saw better results.

The watery consistency of the gels make them a good product to be used in the summertime.

The Verdict

Overall, I did not like the smell for most of these gels but my favorite of the five is the strengthening gel.  I feel as though these would work much better if used in their respective bundle or wash and go set. In addition, I found myself having to reapply the gel throughout the week, about once or twice, in order to maintain the hold. 

In the other hand, although I had to reapply, it did not weight down my hair. And because has a gooey consistency, I though this would mean I would go through the product faster, which was not the case. 

The gooey consistency make these gels perfect for the summertime because during the winter, I do not have the need to rewet my hair and reapply products. I tend to only style my hair once a week in the winter since I do not sweat as much as the summer and I want to try to avoid getting sick.

It is also unclear what the shelf-life of these gels are. I have gotten very used to looking for the expiration date in the back of the bottle that it almost feels like an inconvenience. Since the gels do nothing for me in the winter time, I will wait to see if they are at all effective in the summer given the length of time that has already elapsed and the fact that the formula has already liquified.

Despite these drawbacks, I am thankful that there is a gentler option than all the harsh drying gels that are out in the market.

Have you tried using the curlmix gel or flaxseed gels? Share your experience below.

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