Back to the Basics: Deva Curl Product Review

It’s been a long time since I last used Deva Curl products on my hair. The last time I used the No Poo cleanser and One condition was when the Decadence line dropped in 2015. Since then, a ton of new styling products have hit the market. The only one I had the chance of trying back then was the super cream and now that I am running low on products, I have decided to go back to Deva Curl. When I began transitioning in 2012, I first started with the original Deva Curl line and indeed my curls revived. I purchased the largest bottles but unfortunately, I did not like using the gel on my hair because it made it very crunchy. This time around, I purchased the decadence starter kit from Sephora and the smallest bottle of the light defining gel. Previously, I had also purchased the Styling Cream by mistake, as I confused it with the Super Cream bottle.

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You can purchase the Miracle Worker’s super curly kit from sephora.

Super Curly Miracle Workers

Before finding this kit in the Sephora website, I sat through various reviews of these products. I was leaning towards breaking the bank and purchasing the larger bottles but then I thought to myself, “What if my hair hates this?” Additionally, people have posted a lot of mixed reviews about the Buildup buster, so I figured this will be the best way to see how my hair responds.

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Decadence Line cleanser and conditioner

Decadence No Poo and One Condition

As I mentioned, I tried this line before and I don’t remember what products I had been using prior but my hair didn’t respond well to it. This past year, I was using Shampoo’s that had little to no sulfates in it. It wasn’t the best decision on my end as now I find that my hair is extremely dry since I was shampooing weekly.

No products
My hair with zero product in it, a lot of dryness but my curl pattern has definitely been restored.

I decided to document my progress as I transition back to No poo. I discussed my decision to go back to Deva Curl with my mother, and she was going off about how expensive the products are. I agree the products are expensive but people think going to the salon is also expensive and continue to ruin their hair at home to save themselves the money. Therefore, I consider this an investment, specially because I get my money’s worth with every bottle since I’m not using it daily. The no poo doesn’t lather and feels just like using conditioner. This is wonderful for the hair because you are working a lot of moisture into it. When I first started using the kit, I used the Buildup Buster and the accompanying masks. On my second use of the line, I washed with the decadence products. I used the no poo and worked it into my scalp using my Shampoo Brush for about 3 minutes and then rinsed it all off using lukewarm water. Afterwards, I applied the one condition and proceeded with my regular shower routine. Once I finished, I rinsed out the one condition but then added a little more before I proceeded with the styling products. I did it this way to follow the same application process that I’ve seen the Devachan salon use through many Youtube videos but also because of the styling products that I have from the line.

Styling Products
Deva Curl Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel

Styling Products

I’m not a fan at all of the Styling Cream and it doesn’t make it any better that I unintentionally grabbed it thinking it was the Super Cream. I agree with many of the negative reviews online about this product, despite it being very light weight, it adds no moisture to my hair type. I feel that this product would work best for people that have oily hair as it seems to dry out the strands rather than moisturize them. I purchased this bottle in Target for $25 and honestly do not think it’s worth the money if you have super dry hair. Another downside to this is that it has the exact same bottle style as the Super Cream, making it very easy to confuse the two bottles. However, I found that the most effective way to make use of it is to divide your hair into four sections and apply two to three pumps of it to each together with the Light Defining Gel. But again, if you keep in mind the price tag and the amount of product your getting, it really isn’t worth it.

Results after styling

I love the Light Defining Gel. My hair doesn’t get crunchy at all which is a plus and it glides through the hair like a cream. To fix the issue that I have with the styling cream I mix equal parts of the gel and the cream in my hands before gliding it through my strands. I do this in soaking wet hair and scrunch out the excess water. This method of styling works well for my hair because it does not absorb any product when is damp, if it does, it doesn’t do it as well. Overall upon first trying these products they were not the best products in terms of moisture. It was very hard to tell how effective this would be on my hair since I have a wavier texture on the back of my hair. However, after several weeks of using the line, my hair has adapted better to the consistency of the products and the results are very evident.

Wavy Hair
Wavier curls, these would probably categorize as 3A curls.

This change forced me to take a closer look at my hair and notice the damages that my mother told me are permanent from childhood. Since I grew up in the Dominican Republic and sun exposure was unavoidable, the hairs on the crown of my scalp are extremely dry. The sides and back of my hair have the most shrinkage and are the most moisturized even when I air dry without any product. I have not yet put it to the test, but it is possible that I have different porosity levels throughout my head. It is a gift in my opinion because if I had that texture throughout my whole head I would probably have wavier curls with less volume and I can’t picture my life without my volume. This makes it harder for me to find good products though, but trial and error shall persevere!

Repair Kit
Deva Curl Deep Sea Repair, Melt into Moisture and Build Up Buster

The Three Musketeers

I really love the Melt into Moisture Mask because it really lives up to it’s name, it moisturizes every strand. It smells really good and after all the uses I’ve had the past month the results are very noticeable. The Deep sea Repair mask is also great but I have not used it as much. When first started using this kit, I combined the two as per the instructions since this is meant to help dehydrated curls. I didn’t use a lot of the product but I feel that if I had bigger containers with much more of it my hair would’ve thank me.

I read a lot of mixed reviews about the Build Up Buster, most saying that it is very sticky and dries out your hair. I haven’t had either experience, I’ve seen people apply it to their hair section by section instead of just using it like a shampoo like it is intended to. It’s a cleanser and has a gel like consistency and it’s meant to remove any product that builds up in your hair throughout restyling. It has yet to grow on me but I do intend to repurchase a bigger bottle to see if my experience with it changes.

Overall it has been very nice going back to my basic products. While I enjoyed experimenting and growing to love other lines, this is one set of products which has yet to change it’s formula.

Since my “big chop” in February, my focus has been on restoring my hair’s health. I have not used any heat until recently but not to straighten my hair. Since the temperature has dropped I diffuse my hair before heading out to work if I have my wash day on a week day. I plan to do one more cut before going another year without straightening it or cutting it. I recently went ahead and purchased the DevaCurl B’leave In and Supercream and will have another update in the future. My initial results with the line are documented below. I hope you found this to be helpful.

What products are you using for the winter months? Share your experience below!

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